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German as a foreign language

German Integration Course

The integration courses are supported by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, and are for new immigrants as well as people who have lived in Germany for a longer time. An integration course includes a language course and an orientation course.

Language Course

The language course includes 600 teaching units (a unit is 45 minutes), divided into 6 modules. Each module has 100 teaching units. At the conclusion of the course, a certification exam will be given. Upon completing the course and passing the exam, a participant will be able to independently manage his or her way in everyday life in Germany.

Orientation Course

The orientation course includes 100 teaching units. It provides information about life in Germany, the laws, the culture and German history. The orientation course concludes with a test called „Life in Germany“. By passing this test, the participant can verify his or her civic knowledge with the naturalisation authorities.

Before registering for an integration course, it is necessary to have a consultation meeting and to take an assessment test. If someone has no certificate of eligibility for an integration course, an application for one can be made with the assistance of the Volkshochschule.

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Courses offered

You'll get all the required information about our integration courses A1, A2 und B1 at our consultation times.


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